Monday, May 22, 2017


Hi Friends,
It's been ages since I've written anything or updated my poor old blog. Life has a way of getting in the way of news sometimes. Lately I've been consumed with family, work and other people's news.

What have I been up to you ask? well all sorts of stuff. I've been working with 20th century Fox's international Marketing department creating some illustrations for their Films. The first one I did was was for "LOGAN" I choose two different styles for the images, one a bit more realistic and the other more painterly and stylized. The one with the mirror I wanted to convey that obvious sense of reflection but more in spirit then the physical.

For the image below, it was really what I felt when I saw the trailers. I saw a frail, and vulnerable Professor X. Something I've not seen in this character before. This really appealed to me dramatically and inspired the idea and image.

Next Images are for the "Alien Covenant "film. Fox asked me to come in and read the script, and boy was I excited to do so. Once that was done I went home and did these sketches.

The one thing they did not want is a Xenomorph in the image. That was a bit tricky as the Xenomorph designed by H.R. GIGER is the one of the most iconic creature designs ever, not to mention it is the Poster child for the Alien franchise. So rather then be down about the fact I couldn't use the Xenomorph, I decided to focus on David. His need and effort to "create" and Orchestrate the development of a superior life-form was a strong idea for imagery. 

The shape and forms of both the eggs and face-hugger really played into my compositions. Below are the final images which didn't deviate to much from the original designs.

In the end these were great fun and exploration and reminded me of my days as a book cover illustrator because sometimes less is better and it's more of the mood and palette or juxtaposition that sparks our curiosity.


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