Monday, February 23, 2009

2009 BANG!

So it's 2009 can you believe it? time flys when your having fun and paying bills :). No joke though wow where have all the years gone by? It feels like yesterday that I graduated from the School of visual arts to pursue an illustration career at a young age of 20 in the depths of New York city. The good old days of lugging my massive portfolio around the streets of Manhattan and on the subways through millions of humanity all around me and pigeons too lots of pigeons.

It's been a hell of a journey with many ups and downs but thats life you can't have the good without the bad you cant have the light without the darkness, it's like when you paint you need lights and darks and even some grey to make a picture, it's the small choices and values you use to create your master piece or disaster.

Well enough rambling, on to the art. I've updated my concept gallery with some ThunderCats re-imagined concepts, you can find the images here in the concept gallery first page. These are not connected to Warner bros, these our strictly fan art I created on my own. I really want to see the property develop as it has a lot of potential to impact a new generation of fans, it just needs the right direction and care. I grew up watching the cartoons and enjoyed coming home from school and not doing math homework to watch some Thundercats.

City of Dust #4

A cover I did for Steve Niles thriller comic book City of Dust from Radical comics.

Bull boy breathes!

An animation I did with a 2d animation program called Anime studio all 2d no 3d, just testing it out on one of my concepts.


jason hazelroth said...

that cover illustration is awesome. great stuff and great lighting

Ed Crane said...

Your images have graced my "Inspiration" folder for such a long time i wanted to just stop by and say thank you. These Thundercat recreations are really Solid tho my favorite has to be that Mummra. your jsut teasing me with a model sheet to make me want to model it ;). i bet i ran into you in the subways back in NYC before i made the move to Dallas heh anyways keep up the great work and it's great to see you get the recognition you deserve!

Dwight said...

Nice test JP, and your updates are sweet too. Are you still coming to Dragon*Con?

Targete said...

Yo Dwight, I'll try to make it to Dragoncon we got tickets and a place to crash however I just got news of a huge project I might be involved when I get confirmation of this I will disclose it to you guys.
it's epic. By the way sorry for the tease man :)he he


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