Saturday, July 21, 2007

Barbarians just wont die!

Many a picture have been made of the mighty barbarian from Cimmeria. Great masters of fantasy art have brought him to life on canvas with their paint and blood. The screams of his enemies echo in their nightmares, those same screams I shall soon here piercing my mind.

The trumpet boy will play the anthem of glory and pain and I will find myself staring at the face of an empty canvas beckoning me to raise my brush, and when I do a black hairded blue eyed goliath with a battle axe will welcome me into his world. Will I be foe or friend? it matters not I go willingly like all those before me.

Look for my Conan painting soon, hope you enjoyed the rough sketch and speed painting


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New Images

Hi all,

I've taken a little time off to work on my graphic novel, it's coming slow but it's a lot of fun and helps me do what I love to do, tell stories. It's great to do art work for other people, clients etc but once in a while it's important to do your own thing the way you want to do it with no restrictions. I see so many talented artist who actually are better painters and draftsman then myself but who don't do their own thing, I'm not sure if it's because they choose not to or they don't have the ability..any way I believe we are at our best when we do art for ourselves. It's important to unleash your creativity and become the visionary rather then follow someone elses lead all the time.

I've posted a few new images in the concept/environments section of my gallery, here's a peak.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

A NEW Beginning!

Hey there everyone, as you can see I've given in to the blog monster, actually it's a great way to easily update news and happenings.

I've thrown out my old gallery viewing system. I was getting alot of heat from visitors about not being able to see my images, anyway hopefully the new viewing system will be better.

I have started teaching at the Gnomon school of visual effects. I am teaching a fantasy illustration class you can read about it here fantasy illustration class.

I am also featured in the issue 19 of Imagine FX there's an interview with me and a tutorial, so check it out.

On the work front I'm working with Marvel entertainment on some special project, cannot disclose right now but its big and green :). I'm also going to be working on a Conan board game cover for nexus games, I finally get to paint the dark haired Cimmerian.

Also I'm working on another cover for White Wolf's changelings book titled Winter Masques,
here's a little peak:


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