Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New work


Charlie said...

Man next to Frazetta I just don't think fantasy art comes any better than your work. I have all 3 of your Gnomon DVDs and appreciate the things I learned in them. Your technique of thumbnailing with the markers and pen has opened an entire new world of creature design for me. So I wanted to say thanks for the inspiration and education. Did you start your graphic novel yet? BTW, I am the Sidebar listener that Dwight and Swain had questions for you from, Chuck. So thanks for answering those as well. Anyways, if I sit on your site any longer, I will not get my own art work done haha. Take care and I can't wait to see more updates.

Targete said...

Hey Charlie, thats a great compliment. Mr Frazetta is an amazing inspiration, he's one of those rare creative animals that has created a body of work that will be around long after I'm gone I could only be so fortunate to be remembered by one image, if ever. So while its a great compliment I have still not merritted to be even mentioned in the same sentence as that man he is a living legend.

But on the Gnomon DVDS I can say thank you whole heartdly ;) and very glad they have helped you.

Colin Michael Ashcroft said...

This is really nice! Very convincing and the expression wow....love it!


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