Friday, June 24, 2011

Thundera home world of The Thundercats

You know there is something about our childhood that just never goes away. When I was a kid I watched a ton of cartoons and read as many comics as I could. One of the cartoons I watched in the 80's was Thundercats. Man I loved that show. I was always impressed with the concept and the mixture of sci-fi and fantasy. Well when I heard that Warner Brothers might make a movie of it I got really excited. I mean with todays vfx anything is possible right? well the movie seems to be on hold but that hasn't stopped me from doing my own take on the designs.

I imagined it being more like Lord of the Rings meets Dark Crystal. The possibilities to push the designs in all aspects be it characters, weapons and environments is so tempting to any artist. So hey Warner Brothers if your listening or looking lets do this! :) .

I leave you with my take on Thundera the home planet of the Thundercats which I did last night. I decided to design possibly the main royal palace or a place where the Lord of the Thundercats could address his subjects in time of crisis etc.


Darth Revan said...

Hi ! I saw your Thundera, Lion-O, Cheetara and Panthro Pictures and were amazed by the quality. They are fabulous !

Are you going to make the others characters, Pumyra, Snarf, etc...?

Thank you for all

Darth Revan said...

I find your work fabulous for Thundera and the three Thundercats you have done.

I wonder if you'll do the others (Pumyra, Snarf, Wilykit-kat, etc...? )

Thank you and please, don't mind my english, it's not my mother tongue.


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