Monday, September 17, 2012

STAR WARS - Edge of the Empire

Ahh wow! been awhile since I updated. Lots have happened. First off I'm cranking away on some secret stuff at Epic games, I know, I do you define secret? well stuff I can't show and really talk about it :). Epic Games is one of the few places that can handle my twisted imagination, I feel right at home with them because they are just as twisted ;).

Secondly before I got to Epic I completed my first piece of art for "Lucasfilm" might not mean much to many of you but any working illustrator who was influenced my Star Wars as a kid finds this to be an honor. This is the cover art for fantasy flight games "Star Wars the Edge of the Empire " beginner board game.

So it's been a very busy few months and alot of work to be done, but can't complain.


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Eric Wilkerson said...

Glad to hear you got all set up at Epic and that things are going well. Very happy for you and the fam. Now if you can convince Epic to release gears of war for PS3 you will be my hero forever.

Awesome cover as usual. Love the attention to textural details.


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