Monday, March 3, 2014

The Adventure continues in LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA!

Some exiting news, friends, I will be returning to the city of Angels and will be back freelancing and working on some exciting new projects with fantastic collaborators and working  on my own projects.

Before I start yapping here's some new art,


The  Last couple of years have been up and down on a personal note.  I lost both my older sister Gema Targete and Dad Gerard Targete. I'm not one who likes to mix my professional life and personal one but honestly sometimes as an artist it can be difficult not to, as our creativity is sometimes wired into our emotions.

 Both my Sis and Dad have been my inspiration since I can remember and continue to be. It would take many many pages of writing for me to explain just how much they've inspired me. They have been my greatest heroes and teachers. Whenever I've confused or uncertain about a decision that will effect me or my family I turn to them "what would they do?" The decision to return to California is one of them and already it's been a great decision and I'm so excited and happy. It feels like everything is new again, like when your a kid and you've just seen "Star Wars" for the first time and you go home and start drawing spaceships and aliens and worlds from your imagination, the world is new again, and all the possibilities are open and endless.

One of the highlights and shimmering bright spots of he last couple of years is that I was fortunate enough to meet an amazing artist and some one I can call my "good friend" Shane Pierce. Shane's a quiet Juggernaut and rising star in the Fine art and illustration fields. You should check his amazing art out and give him some love , tell him JP sent ya :).

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