Saturday, August 11, 2007

New Starcraft the board game box art.

Just updated my gallery with some new art I did for Fantasy Flight games. Fantasy Flight games unveiled "Starcraft the board game" last week at Blizzcon. Can you believe it ?Blizzard is so damn big that they have their own convention..nice!.

I'm also about to start that Conan final, can't wait to paint with oils again.

My son is growing at an alarming rate, he's about 19 1/2 pounds now, I feel it on my arms the most when I carry him. To think they just get bigger.

I'm dying to get back to my personal work, I'll update as soon as I have something to show.


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Iggi Art said...

Hi, i´m illustrator from Chile. Your work it´s facinating (sorry my english). It´s your own style, it´s your own form of expression. Cool!

if you have time, please visit my own work on...


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