Saturday, July 21, 2007

Barbarians just wont die!

Many a picture have been made of the mighty barbarian from Cimmeria. Great masters of fantasy art have brought him to life on canvas with their paint and blood. The screams of his enemies echo in their nightmares, those same screams I shall soon here piercing my mind.

The trumpet boy will play the anthem of glory and pain and I will find myself staring at the face of an empty canvas beckoning me to raise my brush, and when I do a black hairded blue eyed goliath with a battle axe will welcome me into his world. Will I be foe or friend? it matters not I go willingly like all those before me.

Look for my Conan painting soon, hope you enjoyed the rough sketch and speed painting



Dawood Marion said...

Cimmeria, Koth, "The Black Kingdoms", Hyrkania and Hyperborea are some of the most dauntless names I have ever heard. I love Conan (one of my favorite movies).
He was the successor Kull of Atlantis (1969):
Weird Tales magazine took a chance on Robert E. Howards idea and put themselves in the history books. Timeless.
The compassionlessness, the inexorable feeling you get when I see images like this one. I am in the process of creating a time/world with the same inescapable thick skinned animality of the Conan universe. It's taking time as yours is, when it comes you will know.
"on another note"
Ahhhh.... the coolness of the sketch stage. I often forget to save a jpg of my digital sketches before adding values. This looks like the "x" composition you taught on in your first Gnomon class. I also like the palette from lavender to flesh tones, then the deep crimsonish blood squirts kreeping second read.
Royal stuff...enjoyin' every minute of it.

Dawood Marion said...

Question. When you are on a Concept art job, How many concepts to you sketch/paint/render on a daily basis. I would like to have an idea of about how fast I need to be able to bang out cool images - and how many I need to have had by the end of the day.

Mark Behm said...

Awesome that you started the blog thing! Looking forward to more posts!

Aksel said...

it's really strong ! your speed is like a final illustration for me O_O...
I try to paint in the way of men like frazetta or justin sweet (not yet) and i hope do the same job of you one day !! (sorry i'am french, and my english is not very well ^^)

Rayford said...

Oh hell ya! Kick ass!


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