Monday, November 23, 2009

Original Targete oil paintings for sale

I get many people who ask me "Hey where can I get an original piece from you not to mention an affordable one?" well these are the facts and answers.
Between 1989 and about 2004 I was painting book covers mainly with oil paints. Many of these paintings took about two weeks or more to complete, some were more detailed then others depending on the deadlines I had. Many were craeted not long after I graduated from the School of Visual arts. I was still learning and developing my style so many of these pieces were a sign of that time.
I have in my possession quite a few originals that were stored away and even forgotten by me. I've kept them for sentimental reasons because each of those pieces marked a certain evolution in my career and life. Recently we moved to Texas and I've unpacked many of those box's that had these classic Targete paintings and I've decided to put them up for sale for anyone interested in getting an orioginal.

Please visit The illustration exchange to see what pieces I have available for sale just type in "Targete" without the quotes in the search box. I also have a few on my website in the "For sale" section.

At this point in my career I do oil paintings when I get the chance and get a break from my film and video game concept work which is mainly done in digital. You can never forget your roots and what got you where you are.


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jabraniho said...

hEY jP!

Same here. i miss those days=)
man we have to play foos ball!
i ve been playing lot of ping pong at work hehe
you move to texas? wow big move.
i hope everything is going well with you and your family.
say hello to your family and logan.

take care



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