Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Whats on my Easel 2 "da oils"

There's nothing like the smell of oil paints and painting medium in da mornin. Aside from killing a few brain cells with the fumes it brings me back to my youth when photoshop was non-existent and illustrators had to actually lift a paintbrush up and dip it into real paint and apply it to a canvas. The age of photoshop is here but there are still a good number of illustrators who prefer analog over digital. I dwell between both digital and analog, digital for speed and ease of use (no messy paints to clean up) analog I use for archiving and exposition of the original and selling to collectors. For me I still do an original oil painting from time to time it's important to leave a legacy of art for my sons.

Here is the start of oils on the "Dominator" piece. As you can see the more muted muddy color is the under-painting and under-drawing. In order to create very detail oils you must have a tight under-drawing or under-painting. You can achieve higher levels of detail quicker with a tight drawing before you start painting instead of going straight to painting with no base drawing.


Patrick Ballesteros said...

Hi JP,

Always inspiring to see you at work sir! Hope you and your family are doing Texas now?

Dang, I remember the Texas heat, good luck sir!

Targete said...

Thank you Patrick, hope all is well with you too, I'll have to check out your new works.

sylvain trivulce said...

I like what you're doing very much. For this one, You're painting above the drawing you made on the canvas, but i see a copy of the drawing in white and black in your hand, why ? is it to have the tones ?

Targete said...

Hi Sylvain, you are correct I use the BW to see the tones and shapes better. Sometimes I will paint over details so I need to look at the BW drawing as a guide.


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