Thursday, July 12, 2007

A NEW Beginning!

Hey there everyone, as you can see I've given in to the blog monster, actually it's a great way to easily update news and happenings.

I've thrown out my old gallery viewing system. I was getting alot of heat from visitors about not being able to see my images, anyway hopefully the new viewing system will be better.

I have started teaching at the Gnomon school of visual effects. I am teaching a fantasy illustration class you can read about it here fantasy illustration class.

I am also featured in the issue 19 of Imagine FX there's an interview with me and a tutorial, so check it out.

On the work front I'm working with Marvel entertainment on some special project, cannot disclose right now but its big and green :). I'm also going to be working on a Conan board game cover for nexus games, I finally get to paint the dark haired Cimmerian.

Also I'm working on another cover for White Wolf's changelings book titled Winter Masques,
here's a little peak:


Dawood Marion said...

Hey JP
I am Dawood Marion, I sat in on your first class at gnomon (I was in the back absorbing your sketch book). Althought I didn't stay for the entire class - the short time I was there I got a mountain of knowledge and inspiration as you went over the fundamentals of composition, thumbnailing and character design. Since that day I have used all of wha you taught and my ability as well as styles have skyrocketed. Thanks for those nuggets...
...and may "success" be with you.

Dawood Marion said...
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Jack said...

Hello JP.

Great new look for your site. I am also Jack in your guestbook (fyi) and I for one do indeed appreciate your new format for image viewing, thanks for taking the time to do so.

Your new Gnomon course looks great, I've nearly finished DVD #3 or your Gnomon collection and wish I lived in Cali to attend Gnomon. Ah, life intrudes on our dreams sometimes.

Film the course, make a DVD out of it!

Targete said...

Hey Thanks Dawood, great that you learned in such a short time. Will look for your new stuff. Glad the info helped.

Jack, thanks alot man for the kind words, and glad you like the new viewing system. Hope the dvds have been real helpful to you.

all the best,


Dawood Marion said...

Hi JP,
I sat in you class again sunday July 30th (in the back) for about 20 mins and got a lot of inspiration again. It was really awsome to learn about "edge lighting". The way took an image with one light source and gave it another from the back, then added subtle highlights to the edge of the heros muscles was really great. I will be using that technique quite a bit till I master it.
I will be redesigning my website with all new work soon (next 2 months) so you will be able to see your influences in my stuff.
You are truely one of my main inspirations/ role models.

Thanks again


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