Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New Images

Hi all,

I've taken a little time off to work on my graphic novel, it's coming slow but it's a lot of fun and helps me do what I love to do, tell stories. It's great to do art work for other people, clients etc but once in a while it's important to do your own thing the way you want to do it with no restrictions. I see so many talented artist who actually are better painters and draftsman then myself but who don't do their own thing, I'm not sure if it's because they choose not to or they don't have the ability..any way I believe we are at our best when we do art for ourselves. It's important to unleash your creativity and become the visionary rather then follow someone elses lead all the time.

I've posted a few new images in the concept/environments section of my gallery, here's a peak.



Dawood Marion said...

I love making money doing what I love - however It is much sweeter gettin' paid doing you.
I like your ability to push the back ground miles back.
I am learning a lot from your value compositions.

Nasan Hardcastle said...
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Nasan Hardcastle said...

Welcome to the world of blogging!

I took a peek at the larger version of this in your gallery and love the greens you worked into the foreground . Great stuff!

Aksel said...

waaaa !!! exelent picture !! i really like the contrast ! (i don't know if this word exist in english ^^, but i like..)


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